.........................The Therapeutics Research Institute (TRI)...................


TRI was founded in 2001 as a Nebraska non-profit corporation with the mission to identify effective alternative health care strategies as Protocols of Care for most health care issues and provide them to interested individuals world-wide without charge.

Some Highlights of TRI include:

       Over 22,500 consultations have been provided in the last 10 years.

       Clients range over 10 countries and over four continents (North America, Europe, Asia and Australia).

       Over 900 health care topics or diseases have been addressed with specific Protocols of Care.

       The very recent e-book from TRI "Cancer Control"  has already received over 1,000 downloads.

       Peer-reviewed medical articles representing several hundred journals are evaluated every month.

       The TRI bi-monthly "Health Research Newsletter" is widely mailed to 100’s of readers.

        TRI charges no fees for any consultation, no charges for e-books, and the Newsletter is free.

        TRI sells no products nor derives any financial gain from any recommendations it makes.  Its sole source of revenue is tax-exempt donations.

        TRI is hosting research on the effectiveness of vibrational medicine applications with individual Case Studies covering macular degeneration, diabetes, Parkinson’s, emphysema, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer – with many more planned.

        TRI draws on the expertise of numerous other alternative health care practitioners across the U.S. in its development of Protocols of Care.

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